I Want Skwalas

A cool video on California’s Yuba River Skwala hatch by guide Anthony Carruesco.

I definitely have a soft spot for the Yuba. It’s my home river, and I learned just about everything I know there…thats not saying all that much. The Yuba is an amazing fishery, after bouts with very high water it continues to crank out bugs and big trout. The Yuba River Skwala hatch is by far my favorite hatch to fish…who am I kidding, any time bugs are flying I am a happy camper. But, the Skwala is the first big bug of the year, and the first big meal of the year for fish. The fish seem to get pretty goofy when these little buggers cruise the banks, making the tough life of a Yuba River trout fisherman just a little bit easier.

While I was not able to fish the Skwalas on the Yuba this year, there is a river nearby that hosts one of the most prolific hatches in the country. The Bitterroot. From what i’ve heard the Yuba hatch doesn’t hold a candle to the hatch on the ‘Root. To say the least, I’m a little excited. Pray for warm weather so these little guys can HATCH.

Skwalas. Coming to a river near you.

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One Response to I Want Skwalas

  1. AA says:

    Check out this blog: http://wegottastayfly.blogspot.com/
    I met Thomas, one of the 2 guys who put it together at Sierra Angler’s fly shop in Modesto yesterday. I believe they are friends with Anthony Carruesco. Anyway these guys love big streamers and Go Pro videos. What’s not to like.


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