Another Bitterroot Weekend

Plans to fish the Missouri this last weekend fell through for a number of reasons, so it was another weekend on the ‘Root. Tough life, but someone’s gotta do it.

Much of our time was spent exploring new water and fishing with new people. The weather was amazing with temps going above the sixty degree mark. You would have been crazy not to fish this weekend.

Saturday was spent high on the river, near Darby, in search of Cutthroat. We found success throughout the day, but Undie seemed to have an affinity for a different kind of fish…

Which one is the sucker?

After a half dozen suckers, we finally found some Cutthroat.

We even found some gold…

Bitterroot Gold

Topped the day off with some dry fly fishing…

Video by Undie and his amazing GoPro Skillz.

On sunday Undie and I met up with Bob,  a new fishing buddy we met on our last Missouri adventure, we headed down to a new section of river to do a bit of exploring. The weather was incredible, but the fishing was pretty slow…at least the trout fishing. The Whitefish fishing was epic.

Bob doin his thing.

Bob seemed to have the river dialed for most of the morning, while Undie and myself just scraped by. We finally found some fish in the last few runs of the day. Undie was killing it with streamers and I dredged up a few nymphing.

Undie hooked up

See ya!

This was probably one of the best weekends i’ve had all winter. Good fishing. Great company. Amazing weather. Just another weekend in Montana.

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5 Responses to Another Bitterroot Weekend

  1. Ivan says:

    Your affinity for the Bitterroot seems to be growing. Sometimes it takes time for a true love to grow.

  2. AZWanderings says:


    Really like the site. Looks like your having a good time in Montana. Those cutties are some really beautiful fish. I look forward to following along here on your blog.


  3. Alec says:

    I do not have an affinity for suckers.

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