The Porch

This past weekend was spent basking in the sun at the mighty Missouri. Garret and I hauled ass up to Craig friday afternoon in hopes of some evening dry fly fishing.

Every trip begins at headhunters…

The door is always open...

After checking in at the shop we made our way down to the river to find streamer hungry fish and even a few fish sampling midges on the surface. Not a bad way to start the trip…

Garret's third cast yielded this...

Hatchery fish...a finless friend.

Just as everyday starts at headhunters, everyday ends at headhunters. The afternoon porch scene at headhunters is the best in town. I find myself drawn to that porch every afternoon, sometimes I even learn a thing or two. Of course, the cooler on the porch might have something to do with it as well. The porch always seems to be my favorite part of the Mo’, it is apart of what makes our trips to the Missouri so special…otherwise they’re just fishing trips.

John holding court.

We couldn’t have picked a better weekend to camp. The weather was gorgeous.


The next morning we were greeted by warm temps and calm winds. Time to go fishing.


The streamer fishing was great. The midges however, did not show up.

Just another day on the Missouri.

I apologize for the lack of words in this post, in addition to fish I caught a pretty nasty cold this trip…so the motivation to get this post out has been pretty low. I think the pictures tell the story pretty well, which reminds me…a big thanks to my homie Garret for helping with the pics this trip.

See you on the porch...

Have a great week!

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