East Side. West Side.

My buddy DJ flew in from Southern California late last week. He wanted to see what we do out here in Montana. So I gave him a tour of some of Montana’s finest water…on both sides of the divide.

East Side:

We headed out to the missouri bright and early saturday morning. I stopped at The Trout Shop for my interview…GOT IT! After the interview they hooked us up with a brand new Clackacraft to play with for the day. Off we went.

Riding in style.

The day started out a little slow…and I guess it was a little cold for the Californian…

Despite the frustration, it wasn’t to long until Dj found his first Missouri Brownie.

Streamers. Check.

It wasn’t long until the midges showed up…and so did the fish. Dry fly fishing was good.

Dry fly success.

The day proved to be slow, but Dj got to sample the Missouri’s trout fish and a little bit of montana.

Pretty lame view

West Side:

The next day we headed over to Rock Creek for the day. It was awesome to fish some smaller water and spend a little time rock hopping.

It wasn’t long before we got into fish. Lots of fish.

Nothing huge, but there were a few surprises.

Rock Creek Bully.

That was the highlight of my day. My first Bull Trout in Montana!

Chris getting it done.

I had a great weekend fishing and sharing some of Montana’s finest water with a great friend.

Have a great week!

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