Spring Break Part 1: The Missouri

Undie, Chris, and myself headed up to the Missouri for five days of fishing. We slept, ate, and fished out of our cars. I also spent some time hangin around The Trout Shop, getting to know my new employers. Fishing overall was average, with some periods of outstanding fishing.

The characters:

Undie is one cool cat.

Pretty much he only thing Chris caught.

Your's truly.

Despite the stupidity, we were all business when it came to the fishing.

Some colors…


Undie on the hunt.


Yeah, the view sucks.


And release.

I’ve heard about the Walleye fishery on the Missouri for a while now, I finally saw it with my own eyes. After fishing near the damn one morning, I stumbled into a gentleman with a tasty looking stringer…

He's gonna eat good tonight.

On our last day of fishing Chris and I fished a set of islands close to Craig. We found lots of midges and lots of rising fish. We caught lots of wild juvenile browns and rainbows. It was great to see so many year-classes of fish on a river that seems to hold so many large fish. Though they were small, it was nice to get away from the hatchery born finless wonders that plague the dam section of the missouri.

After 5 days on the mo’, I was running out of food and a herd of flies seemed to follow me everywhere. Must have smelled like roses. It was time to go.

But wait. Theres more! Expect a little something from the Bitterroot, Beaverhead, and Rock Creek.

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