I’ve been home for about two weeks now…and I have not touched a fish. Not by choice of course, Northern California has been hit pretty hard by winter storms and just about every waterway in the state has looked like chocolate milk for the past week. Luckily we’ve seen a break in the weather and fishing opportunities are quickly becoming available.

With little available in terms of fishing, I’ve spent most of my time casting, scouting for some local duck hunting, and shooting some photos with a new lens I received for christmas.


Geese coming in for a look.

A local marsh, hopefully it will give it up tomorrow.

A local marsh, hopefully it will give it up tomorrow.

The Casting ponds are just about my second home.

DSC_0016For the new year we travelled to the Oregon Coast to visit my Grandmother.

California's north coast.

California’s north coast.

Who said California wasn't wild?

Who said California wasn’t wild?

With some smaller coastal rivers in Oregon coming into shape, I was allowed a morning of swinging. With little access I spent most of the outing exploring for future trips…though i did fish a few runs.


This is about as close as I came to a fish this trip. The classic coastal experience.DSC_0023


And once we saw this, we got the hell out of dodge…






Tomorrow I  hunt. Thursday I fish.

Have a great week.



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One Response to Drought.

  1. Those are some sick pics brother.

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