Way Down South.

A little tune to get ya in the mood.

This last week my buddy Trevor and I rolled on down to Charleston, SC to fish with our good friend Garret. The mission was to catch a redfish on fly while poling the flats in and  around Chucktown, along with a few Speckled Trout and Black Drum mixed in.

Garret’s Dad was even kind enough to let the three of us roll in his sweet flats skiff for the week.

DSC_0001 The first day had a bit of a rough start. Trevor woke up looking a little sick, turns out he had the Flu. He decided to sleep it off while Garret and I fished the morning tide. After finding little on the flats we spent some time pitching shrimp to some docks in deeper water.

Our guide.

Our guide.

A lost hat early in the day led to what some have called my “Shocktop hair.” I feel it was good luck and led to our first double.

First red and a double!

First red and a double!
-Photo by Garret

Later we headed back to the house to check on Trevor. He looked a bit better and joined us for the afternoon. We found some trout…


Trevor with a nice trout.
-Photo by Garret


Black Drum gave it up.
-Photo by Trevor

Charleston sunset.

Charleston sunset.


The next day we headed up the intercoastal about an hour to the town of McClellanville, and gave the flats of Cape Romain a shot.  This turned out to be a bust so we headed back to Charleston for the afternoon where Garret got a break from the poling platform and found some success…

Red, white, and black.

Red, white, and black.

The next day the fishing really lit up. With three days of weather in the mid 70’s we saw good numbers of fish on the flats. After a little looking around we found a nice school and went to work.

Guide man Garret.-Photo by Trevor

Guide man Garret.
-Photo by Trevor


After bumping a nice school of reds around a flat for a few hours Trevor hooked up with our first red on the fly.



We kept working the school until I hooked up with my first fish. Unfortunately, I pulled the hook about half way from the boat. Rough life.

Our next and final day was beautiful with temps in the upper 70’s. With the warm weather, the fish were tailing in the grass flats. A rarity in January.


After a few attempts at tailing fish by Trevor, we changed flies and I got up front. Made a cast….thought I spooked him…fish on!

Photographs by Garret.

DSC_0013 2


We finished out the day poling a few more flats….made casts at some fish with no success. With slower fishing in the afternoon Garret gave Trevor and myself a chance to get on the poling platform.

"I can see my house from here."

“I can see my house from here.”
-Photo by Trevor

A huge THANK YOU to Garret’s parents for welcoming us into their beautiful home and treating us like family. And of course many thanks to Garret for working his ass off to put us on the fish each day!


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