After the long and arduous journey that is finals week, we are finally done! Its been a long week of no fishing and hunting, but the next two days hold big plans. After that I’m headed back to Oaktown for 6 weeks of warm weather, steelhead fishing, and a little duck hunting. As much as i’ll miss Missoula, i’m pretty damn excited to get back home.

Though I didn’t get to fish this week, it wasn’t all studying. We moved our second batch of homebrew into secondary fermentation. We are really excited to taste this one.

Cam and Riley transferring the brew.

Cam and Riley transferring the brew.

Also took a little break to explore in the Rattlesnake after our first taste of winter.

Rattlesnake Panorama

Rattlesnake Panorama

We created a classic Montana snowman.


And invited a rather effective stress relief game. Meet BATTLE BALL. Its spreading quickly with leagues popping up across the west.


It’s done. Time to go fishing.






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