Drought Over.

This past week I got out a few days for a little fishing and hunting.


Got out for my first California duck hunt on public land. In an effort to avoid pissing off the hunters at the more popular refuges, I chose a marginal piece of local marsh and started scouting. With warm and windless weather,  and not many birds flying the hunt was slow. Though I did get a few birds to respond to my spread and feeble efforts at calling. One was a Bull Canvasback, which I proceeded to miss…still a sore subject. I did however end up shooting a hen Bufflehead that flew over going about mach 5. While not an amazing hunt by any means, I consider it a true success for this neophyte duck hunter.



The next day I headed fishing to an old favorite. A classic small bug tailwater fishery. Set deep in a canyon and stuffed with Rainbows like this…


This used to be one of my favorite fisheries, it seems like there are many more anglers on it each time and the fish seem to be suffering as a result. It seemed the average size of fish has decreased and the few larger fish I caught seemed to be unhealthy and beat up. I have a feeling much of this is due to poaching in the closed season.


Still a favorite and  I got my once a year fix.


I joined friends Aram and Steve for our first trip to a new Central Valley stream. Considered a secret by locals, I can disclose little to no information on this fishery.

Aram, Signature tier at Idylwilde Flies, did some R&D on his newest generation of ever evolving streamers. We all found success after changing up our games.

All I can say is that we will be returning.


On Thursday I’ll be heading to South Carolina with Trevor of Fly Fishing West. We’ll meet up with our buddy Garret for a week of fishing the flats for redfish.

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