…and the living is easy. Montana has been giving us a little taste of summer for the past week with temps in the 80’s. Pretty much everything in Missoula is blown out, so we’ve been focusing on the Missouri.

When the shop tells you to take a brand new skiff out, you do not argue.

The whip.

Look at these cool kids with their buffs.

I spent most of my day rowing, but i did get around to catching a few fish on streamers and dries.

Did I mention dries? It got a little buggy.

The master at work…

We met some rather unsavory characters at the ramp…

Undie spent his life savings…

And the word of the day…

I’ve been pretty bogged down with school, fishing, and life so i’ve been a little short on blog updates. Expect a few more entries in the coming week.

I know…its only tuesday. But have a stellar week.

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The Good Life


Life has been good in these parts…so has the fishing. Today was downright hot with temps in the upper 70’s…unfortunately I didn’t get to fish this afternoon. But I did get to watch a pair of big rainbows slurping baetis on the Clark Fork. I was working on a Bio project at the time…next time i’ll come prepared.

This is what the past few days has looked like…

Lotsa brownies…


Later in the week we found some dries. Oh yea…

Have a great week!

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Spring Break Part 1: The Missouri

Undie, Chris, and myself headed up to the Missouri for five days of fishing. We slept, ate, and fished out of our cars. I also spent some time hangin around The Trout Shop, getting to know my new employers. Fishing overall was average, with some periods of outstanding fishing.

The characters:

Undie is one cool cat.

Pretty much he only thing Chris caught.

Your's truly.

Despite the stupidity, we were all business when it came to the fishing.

Some colors…


Undie on the hunt.


Yeah, the view sucks.


And release.

I’ve heard about the Walleye fishery on the Missouri for a while now, I finally saw it with my own eyes. After fishing near the damn one morning, I stumbled into a gentleman with a tasty looking stringer…

He's gonna eat good tonight.

On our last day of fishing Chris and I fished a set of islands close to Craig. We found lots of midges and lots of rising fish. We caught lots of wild juvenile browns and rainbows. It was great to see so many year-classes of fish on a river that seems to hold so many large fish. Though they were small, it was nice to get away from the hatchery born finless wonders that plague the dam section of the missouri.

After 5 days on the mo’, I was running out of food and a herd of flies seemed to follow me everywhere. Must have smelled like roses. It was time to go.

But wait. Theres more! Expect a little something from the Bitterroot, Beaverhead, and Rock Creek.

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Thats right boys and girls, I’m on spring break. Which means it’s time to go fishing. We have a loose plan at this point, we’re going to start on the Missouri for a few days…after that who knows? Sounds like a damn good plan to me.

I rang in spring break with an afternoon float down the Bitterroot. Our new buddy Trevor generously offered to row us down river…who would turn down that offer? Fishing was pretty good. Weather was warm. Some fish on top. My kinda day.

Garret with a nice 'bow right off the bat.

I think trout eat these?

Going for it. Trevor is a badass.

Not a bad way to start the break. Lots more fishing to come.

Have a great weekend!



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East Side. West Side.

My buddy DJ flew in from Southern California late last week. He wanted to see what we do out here in Montana. So I gave him a tour of some of Montana’s finest water…on both sides of the divide.

East Side:

We headed out to the missouri bright and early saturday morning. I stopped at The Trout Shop for my interview…GOT IT! After the interview they hooked us up with a brand new Clackacraft to play with for the day. Off we went.

Riding in style.

The day started out a little slow…and I guess it was a little cold for the Californian…

Despite the frustration, it wasn’t to long until Dj found his first Missouri Brownie.

Streamers. Check.

It wasn’t long until the midges showed up…and so did the fish. Dry fly fishing was good.

Dry fly success.

The day proved to be slow, but Dj got to sample the Missouri’s trout fish and a little bit of montana.

Pretty lame view

West Side:

The next day we headed over to Rock Creek for the day. It was awesome to fish some smaller water and spend a little time rock hopping.

It wasn’t long before we got into fish. Lots of fish.

Nothing huge, but there were a few surprises.

Rock Creek Bully.

That was the highlight of my day. My first Bull Trout in Montana!

Chris getting it done.

I had a great weekend fishing and sharing some of Montana’s finest water with a great friend.

Have a great week!

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Mo’ Fish Mo’ Problems

The problem being I cant stay the whole weekend. We’re heading up bright and early tomorrow morning for a float on the Missouri. Rumors of apex predators hunting for streamers and even a few fish eating on top. Hot diggity.

The main reason for the trip is a job interview at a Craig, MT flyshop. With any luck i’ll be spending my summer in the bustling metropolitan that is Craig. Wish me luck!

Have a great weekend!


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The Porch

This past weekend was spent basking in the sun at the mighty Missouri. Garret and I hauled ass up to Craig friday afternoon in hopes of some evening dry fly fishing.

Every trip begins at headhunters…

The door is always open...

After checking in at the shop we made our way down to the river to find streamer hungry fish and even a few fish sampling midges on the surface. Not a bad way to start the trip…

Garret's third cast yielded this...

Hatchery fish...a finless friend.

Just as everyday starts at headhunters, everyday ends at headhunters. The afternoon porch scene at headhunters is the best in town. I find myself drawn to that porch every afternoon, sometimes I even learn a thing or two. Of course, the cooler on the porch might have something to do with it as well. The porch always seems to be my favorite part of the Mo’, it is apart of what makes our trips to the Missouri so special…otherwise they’re just fishing trips.

John holding court.

We couldn’t have picked a better weekend to camp. The weather was gorgeous.


The next morning we were greeted by warm temps and calm winds. Time to go fishing.


The streamer fishing was great. The midges however, did not show up.

Just another day on the Missouri.

I apologize for the lack of words in this post, in addition to fish I caught a pretty nasty cold this trip…so the motivation to get this post out has been pretty low. I think the pictures tell the story pretty well, which reminds me…a big thanks to my homie Garret for helping with the pics this trip.

See you on the porch...

Have a great week!

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